Your Eyes May Shine

I have never been to prison. I have never spent a long stint in jail. I have never been in a position where I was starving. I have had times in my life when my cabinets were almost bare but have always managed to get at least a couple of meager meals in a day.

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Am I Too Old

Ranney Skate Park located in Lansing, Michigan

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Tats Too by Melik

Getting tattooed as a hobby seemed kind of weird notion at first. I have never heard of anyone stating that their hobbies include having someone inject ink into his or her body.

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What Do You Do Lansing?

MSU's Horticulture Gardens boosts six separate areas highlighting fantastic landscaping. You can lose yourself in the fourteen acres of a living painting.

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Ice Cream by Daniel J. Hogan

June is here and Summer is at last upon us like stripes on an okapi (it’s a thing, trust me). And with Summer comes on of my favorite seasonal treats—no, not beer bongs — ice cream!

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Camera by Joseph Martin

Getting away from computers this month, and with summer vacation here we have decided to look at pocket  video cameras.

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Day Tripping | Eaton Rapids | Michigan

Starting from the center of Lansing proper a thirty minute drive South will land you in a quaint town. A town that is small but full of history and pleasing destination points. A destination that can have you white water rafting without having to travel across country. A destination that used to draw people from around the world for the healing and relaxing powers of the effervescent mineral water.

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Locks Are For Honest People

I remember something my dad once said. “Locks are for honest people. If someone wants into a house they will find a way”.

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Ms. June '11

A little bit of summer with a memory of winter

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2011 Oldsmobile Homecoming

The R. E. Olds Chapter puts on an Oldsmobile Homecoming each year on the Saturday before Father's Day. It is touted as the world's largest one day Oldsmobile auto show.

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Father's Day

With pen to paper and paper to pen
Maybe you can find knowledge from the life I lived in
I remember my mom telling me to speak to a man
I peaked at him as I hid my eyes behind my little hands
I didn’t want to leave my mother’s side

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Freeze frames were snapped at Michigan State University's Horticulture Gardens

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May everyone have a safe and enjoyable celebration of the 4th of July | Independence Day

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Music [updated 5 July '11]

Each Tuesday night you can hear live music at center court at the Eastwood Towne Center from 6-8pm

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